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Streamline your creative review cycles with Oppolis Cloud's in-built proofing functionality. Create unified team collaboration with real-time proofing and approval; all fully integrated within Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

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Oppolis Cloud proofing

Get real-time feedback from remote team members

Having a central location, where everyone can collaborate efficiently, streamlines the entire creative process. Oppolis Cloud providing a central location for all types of creative proofs; such as brochures, logos, graphics, HTML email, website and video. Creative teams can review, co-edit copy, and collaborate via either the Oppolis Cloud dashboard or from within Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

A truly unified team collaboration experience.

Collaborate Better. Faster. Together

All creative proofs stored within the Oppolis Cloud system are fully archived, with all comment threads and user feedback retained, alongside a complete version history.

Need to revert back to an earlier version of a proof? Or want to check that all amendments have been actioned? Hit the 'history' tab in the proofing screen.

Work smarter with Oppolis Cloud.

Oppolis Cloud version history

Get 360° feedback on creative content

Feel like a design superhero

Create beautiful, impactful work faster

Work more collaboratively with colleagues

Transform the way you work

Team-working from a central location

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