Training videos

Learn everything you need to know about the Oppolis Cloud creative project management platform via these easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

The Basics

Signing up for an account

Learn how to sign up for a free Oppolis Cloud account.
Duration: 4:14
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User types and roles

The three types of Oppolis Cloud users and their roles.
Duration: 0:44
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Navigating Oppolis Cloud

Navigating the Oppolis Cloud dashboard.
Duration: 3:45
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Working with your first project

Your first Oppolis Cloud creative project.
Duration: 7:38
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Connecting with your guests

Connecting with your Oppolis Cloud guest users.
Duration: 6:55
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Managing users and projects

Managing users and projects within Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 2:58
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Working with Jobs

Jobs overview

An overview of Oppolis Cloud jobs.
Duration: 4:56
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Request assets

Learn how to request creative job assets within Opoolis Cloud.
Duration: 6:25
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The creative job

Learn how to create a creative job in Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 9:22
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Creating a simple proof

Creating a simple proof via the browser uploader in Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 8:29
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Working with a proof - guest

Learn how guests work with proofs in Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 10:42
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Working with a proof - proofer

Learn how proofers work with proofs in Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 9:12
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Email proofing

Learn how to sent email proofs via the Oppolis Cloud dashboard.
Duration: 8:22
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Learn how to request deliverables within the Oppolis Cloud dashboard.
Duration: 5:10
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Creative collaboration on the go with Oppolis Cloud

The Oppolis Cloud mobile app for Android and IOS, tablet and smartphones

Free to download and use, the mobile app syncs seamlessly with your Oppolis Cloud desktop account.

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