Training videos

Learn everything you need to know about the Oppolis Cloud creative project management platform via these easy-to-follow tutorial videos.

The Basics

Signing up for an account

Learn how to sign up for a free Oppolis Cloud account.
Duration: 4:14
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User types and roles

The three types of Oppolis Cloud users and their roles.
Duration: 0:44
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Navigating Oppolis Cloud

Navigating the Oppolis Cloud dashboard.
Duration: 3:45
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Working with your first project

Your first Oppolis Cloud creative project.
Duration: 7:38
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Connecting with your guests

Connecting with your Oppolis Cloud guest users.
Duration: 6:55
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Managing users and projects

Managing users and projects within Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 2:58
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Working with Jobs

Jobs overview

An overview of Oppolis Cloud jobs.
Duration: 4:56
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Request assets

Learn how to request creative job assets within Opoolis Cloud.
Duration: 6:25
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The creative job

Learn how to create a creative job in Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 9:22
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Creating a simple proof

Creating a simple proof via the browser uploader in Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 8:29
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Working with a proof - guest

Learn how guests work with proofs in Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 10:42
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Working with a proof - proofer

Learn how proofers work with proofs in Oppolis Cloud.
Duration: 9:12
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Learn how to request deliverables within the Oppolis Cloud dashboard.
Duration: 5:10
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