Oppolis Cloud, a smarter creative workflow solution

Oppolis Cloud, a smarter creative workflow solution

Oppolis Cloud, the next generation in creative workflow management. Let’s take a look at what opportunities Oppolis Cloud opens up for creative teams.

In our experience, working with an array of incredible customers, we know that marketing and creative teams have fantastic relationships. Teams feed off of each other and enjoy collaborating on project content up to the point where stunning work is approved and published. It’s a beautiful place to live and to work in.

As with all growing business teams though, there are natural junctures where the communal pathways become fragmented and barriers can spoil the natural workflow between creative designers, marketing managers, agencies and business stakeholders. One of these stops is in creative project, asset and traffic workflow process.

To be more specific, in creating and assigning project tasks (the bit that comes before proofing) and routing submitted content into review rounds that involve multiple people and stages.

We’re excited to bring Oppolis Cloud a smarter creative workflow to the marketplace. With a wealth of functionality built in, we're confident that it will meet your creative workflow requirements and help marketing teams traffic content better. You'e going to love it.

What is Oppolis Cloud creative project management software and how does it work?

Oppolis Cloud brings an easy process to the content production journey. It simplifies collaboration when starting projects off, when capturing external project content into creative reviews and during the approval of content at final sign off. It does this by helping teams to initiate creative design workflows from multiple start points and allows them to see it through to completion, cutting out the disconnected email threads and file dropping that would otherwise take place outside of the system.

Teams can submit content to managers and receive content in, using creative requests via the jobs tab, or from the ground-breaking extension for Adobe Creative Cloud. This content, and any additional assets supplied within that job, can be automatically or manually dropped into staged review cycles, and passed between creative, project manager and client until final approval is given.

Project managers instigate jobs and view their progress from within the project dashboard, which contains all the information needed to be in total control of each job and provides complete visibility and status of the content contained within it.

Designers can kick-start jobs themselves too, and receive new requests right from inside their Adobe Creative Cloud app. This allows them to stay locked in the creative zone without having to jump out to Gmail or Dropbox all the time.

Oppolis Cloud is a huge shortcut and productivity win for teams, completing the cycle from starting a project through to approving the assets and the final delivery of content.

Oppolis Cloud, a smarter creative workflow solution

Ground-breaking Adobe Creative Cloud integration

We’ve reinvented the way creative projects, jobs and tasks are started and received, so it’s an absolute breeze for Adobe users to manage.

Inside the Oppolis Cloud Adobe extension designers can receive notification when new job requests are made or and instructions that they need to act upon are supplied.

Creative requests may include work that is produced in a number of different Adobe apps and documents. So for example, a team could request a new logo designed in Adobe Illustrator or an 8-page brand guideline manual produced in Adobe InDesign. Because the Oppolis Cloud extension works across these apps, and Adobe Photoshop, it allows users to combine documents into a single form submission, saving both time and effort. 

This Adobe content drops right into the job within the Oppolis Cloud mobile app and desktop dashboard. It's seamless. 

Desktop user can choose to sit on the content for a later date, manually send some or all of it for proof or have it instantly pushed into a pre-planned automated proofing workflow to kick start a staged review. After that, the review and approval process repeats, with changes requested until the artwork is signed off.

Another amazing feature of the Adobe extension within Oppolis Cloud is for creatives to be able to kick off their own jobs without needing a request from the project manager. 

It’s a simple case of selecting the space and project first, then starting a new job. Oppolis Cloud synchronously creates the job in the web dashboard, dropping the content directly in there and notifying everyone involved. It offers flexibility and autonomy within a controlled environment, letting designers produce new content and securely submit library assets from home or anywhere in the world, at a time that suits them.

This is a game-changer for creative teams.

One creative app doing the work of five

Oppolis Cloud has been designed specifically to make the creative production process smoother, more collaborative, easier to manage and smarter. You’ll be amazed at how much time and money you can save with a single system, rather than the stack of apps creative teams current require.

Oppolis Cloud will boosts your creative productivity throughout 2022 and beyond. But don't just take our word for it, try Oppolis Cloud yourself with a, or request a demo where we can walk you through the many great functions and features.

Oppolis Cloud, the creative workflow solution used by creative teams.

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Creative collaboration on the go with Oppolis Cloud

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