A new way to declutter your digital asset management

A new way to declutter your digital asset management

Organise your creative project’s assets with the in-built digital asset management functionality from Oppolis Cloud

Do you feel like you spend more time chasing down the assets for your creative projects rather than actually compiling them? Your files seem to be squirrelled away in multiple locations such as Google Drive, Adobe Cloud or Dropbox, or buried somewhere in Teams, Asana, or Monday chat threads and email chains. And let's not forget all those files scattered among the desktops of your team, hidden in a rabbit warren of eclectic folders and random rogue files.

It can be a nightmare keeping track of everything!

And this is why we’ve included the function to manage all creative assets within your Oppolis Cloud project. It’s such a simple idea, we wondered why nobody had considered it before. Yes, there are systems out there that can manage your files for you, and there are systems that can help with your creative projects. But can they fulfil both of these jobs effectively and efficiently, alongside the other features in Spheero: task management, collaboration, review and approval, and a deep Adobe integration?

We'll save you the time of looking, they can't. No other system offers the level of functionality that Oppolis Cloud does.

Why pay for digital asset management and a creative project management system when you can have the best of both worlds, and more, with Oppolis Cloud?

Upload, request and manage your digital assets

The digital asset management (DAM) functionality is a dream to use. And simple too. It’s so simple in fact that we've covered the basics in a 60 second video, (which you can view below), but to summarise, creative assets are managed in the following ways…

The quickest and simplest way to get assets into your project is to upload them directly to the assets panel of the project dashboard. Any user on the project has the ability to do this. They can drag and drop them into the panel, or search their machine and locate the relevant files. These files, such as videos, graphics, illustrations, photography, text or animations, are then gathered together or can be filed in nested folders that are assigned to the relevant tasks that sit within the overall project.

This provides every Oppolis Cloud user with a central access point for every piece of creative content.

Project managers can sit back and relax, knowing that everyone is accessing the most up-to-date version of any file.

A second way to get assets into the project is for managers to request them from their creatives or wider team, either internal or external. For example, perhaps an external agency holds a client's brand assets or the marketing department needs to supply copy for an editorial campaign. An 'request asset' job can be set up with a few clicks and an email is then fired off to the relevant parties asking them to upload the content. 

When this is done, regardless of these users being part of the Oppolis Cloud project, the files will then drop into the project for any user to access. It’s that simple.

A new way to declutter your digital asset management

But what about creative project deliverables?

You don’t need to worry, we haven’t overlooked this aspect of the creative workflow. Final artwork or signed off content such as packaged InDesign documents, edited videos or animations can be requested from the respective designers or creatives by the Oppolis Cloud project manager in exactly the same way as a standard 'request asset' job. This will be a 'request deliverables' job, and again an email is fired out to the relevant party or parties, asking them to supply the deliverables. The uploaded content is then dropped directly into the project.

So with a Oppolis Cloud project, aside from containing all the users, tasks and conversation surrounding a creative project, it also holds all the assets and the deliverable files too. It's a game-changer.

For more on this, read our blog our post on, a smarter creative workflow.

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