Website proofing with the free Oppolis Cloud Chrome extension

Website proofing with the free Oppolis Cloud Chrome extension

Proof your website content effortlessly with Oppolis Cloud and take advantage of even more functionality with the new Chrome extension.

Proofing website pages can be a daily task for any creative and marketing team, with just the tiniest detail or tweak often making all the difference to user engagement times, visitor click-through rates and ultimately campaign conversions.

And let's not forget the other forms of online content such as social media posts and digital adverts.

This is why we’ve developed Spheero with online digital content in mind, alongside traditional print media, so that creatives teams can collaborate on any and every type of content, effortlessly.

Simplified website proofing just got supercharged

We'll get into the added functionality for web proofing with the Chrome extension but first we'll step you through the standard process. There are also details for installing the Chrome extension at the end of this post.

Enter the web address you want to proof via the proof dialog box, name your proof, and add your collaborators and customise the email the collaborators will receive.

Everyone selected will receive a notification email or can access the proof via the Oppolis Cloud dashboard.

It's at this point that the new Chrome extension functionality kicks in, making the whole process so much slicker.

Collaborators can access the website via the proof screen after clicking VIEW PROOF at the top of the proofing interface. The proof will open in a new window which includes the function to view how the website appears on different screens for desktop, table or mobile.

Website proofing with the free Oppolis Cloud Chrome extension

Installing the Chrome extension

The Chrome browser extension works with Oppolis Cloud to deliver the richest and simplest user experience for every collaborator. To install it in, search 'Oppolis Cloud' on the Chrome web store. Then simply click Add to Chrome.

Or download it via the following link: Oppolis Cloud Web Proofing Extension

That’s it, you're ready to proof your website and online content like a complete hero.

When you send proofs to your collaborators, they will access them as they normally would; by clicking on an email or via shared links, after which they will be directed to the Oppolis Cloud web app to add their comments and feedback.

Oppolis Cloud, the creative workflow solution used by creative teams.

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