Does your martech stack really work for you and your business?

Does your martech stack really work for you and your business?

Cure the Martech Stack blues with improved collaboration and streamlined creative projects with Oppolis Cloud.

Creative jobs have become more and more complex, growing into vast projects that require interaction and collaboration with multiple teams, agencies and stakeholders; each of which require involvement in some or all parts of the creative process. From input on creative content, asset management, to marketing messaging, approval and legal. Being able to manage these projects effectively ensures that they will always run smoothly, on time and, more importantly, within budget.

There are multiple solutions to help creative businesses tackle these issues, in the form of the martech stack. These marketing technology applications, such as Monday, Ziflow, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Ziflow, Asana and Trello, offer a range of solutions from project management, review and approval, asset management, collaboration and team communication. Each application can ease one (or maybe even two) of the major pain points you encounter when managing these creative jobs. Simply sign up to one of these applications and plug the gap in your creative process.


None of these solutions are versatile enough to offer to encompass the entire creative process; from initial brief and artwork creation, to review and approval, sign off and final delivery. So, when gaps in the process materialise, another solution is required. With creative workflows as complex as they currently are, the requirement for a new solution will only keep expanding. And to make matters worse, each of these products has a base cost, not to mention the associated time lost getting all users signed up and up to speed with using the new platform.

And with multiple applications, comes the potential for problems. What if one team pushes back at having to install multiple applications? What if your client decides to side-step using an application altogether? Suddenly the stack of solutions you’ve set in place become more of a hindrance than a help. They've stopped working for you, and so you now need to find solutions to get your original solutions to work.

It’s a nightmare. But luckily, there is a smarter way.

A single app. A single cost. A single solution to multiple problems.

Oppolis Cloud is a creative project software solution that encompasses the entire creative process. Any creative, designer or project manager can get up and running with a free account in minutes. And there’s no catch or obligation to upgrade after a trial period. Users simply sign up and go! Any user that needs to expand their team can do so by simply adding members as required. If they need to remove users to suit their project requirements, their workload and their budget, then they simply remove them. It couldn't be easier.

And the best part of it… It’s a single, low cost payment for you or your business.

There’s no need for multiple licences, from multiple applications, because Oppolis Cloud does the work of five similar products.

Do your internal and external teams need full access to the creative project assets from a central location?

Does artwork need to be proofed and approved with a variety of teams, both internal and external, and with you clients?

Does your project need to maintain a list of associated tasks that can be assigned to different members of your team, with the ability to re-assign and move them around as required?

Do you need to collaborate daily with a range of users, both in-house and remotely?

Do you need a system that simplifies creative project management without having to move between multiple platforms and applications?

Do you want all this from a free account?

If you answered ‘yes’, to one or more of those questions, then you need Oppolis Cloud. No martech solution on the market can help you resolve all of the problems you face juggling multiple creative projects. Oppolis Cloud manages the complete creative project workflow.

But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for a free trial account today, and discover for yourself why Oppolis Cloud is the smarter solution.

Oppolis Cloud, the creative workflow solution used by creative teams.

Does your martech stack really work for you and your business?

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