Upload Microsoft Office documents to Oppolis Cloud projects

Upload Microsoft Office documents to Oppolis Cloud projects

Alongside your regular creative content files, you can now upload Microsoft Office content to your Oppolis Cloud projects.

Keeping your creative workflow contained within a single app, however complex this workflow may be, is the sole aim of Oppolis Cloud. From your creative projects, jobs, tasks and proofs, to adding reviewers, users and clients, and, arguably, the most important aspect; the creative content.

The last thing your business needs is for these workflows to be hindered by the limitations of a project management software. And that’s why we developed Oppolis Cloud. And like any creative solution, it must continually evolve to ensure that it remains fit for purpose, adds value and comes with a wealth of time-saving functions and features.

We have a ton of new features that will be launched in the coming weeks and months, but this month we want to highlight a recent update.

You can already add your Adobe Creative Cloud content (Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator files) to Oppolis Cloud, either via the dedicated extension, or by uploading through the desktop app. Other creative file types such as gif, MP4, lottie, svg, etc. can also be added. To add to those, users can now add Microsoft Office documents, such as Word and PowerPoint, to their projects.

Share creative briefs, documents or presentations that have been created in Microsoft or Google Drive, with ease. Simply upload the files to the project, or asset window, and share them with your clients and reviewers, or pass them on to your internal and external teams.

These file types are added to an already extensive range managed within Oppolis Cloud:

ai, ait, bmp, css, csv, dmg, doc, docx, eps, epub, exe, gif, gz, html, indd, jar, jpeg, jpg, json, mp3, mp4, odt, pdf, php, png, ppt, pptx, psb, psd, raw, rtf, sag, svg, svgz, tiff, txt, wav, wmbp, xaml, xls, xml, zip

Get the most out of Oppolis Cloud with these free downloads and extensions

If your team produces creative content with Adobe Creative Cloud, then to get the most out of Oppolis Cloud, you should download the free extension via Adobe Exchange. The extension allows you to seamlessly work between Oppolis Cloud and Adobe. Creative jobs can be passed to the Adobe extension in real time, and once the artwork has been produced, it can be passed back for review and approval, by the designer, with a single click. This is all without them ever having to log out or leave the creative application.

Feedback, comments and text changes are all handled in exactly the same way. Project managers and reviewers can submit these amendments to the designer, who can then view the marked up content within the Oppolis Cloud panel and make the appropriate changes. If there are specific text amendments, these can be applied by the designer with a single click, saving them time and cutting down on any errors that can occur when applying a large quantity of text changes.

Download the free Oppolis Cloud extension via Adobe Exchange here: Oppolis Cloud Creative Cloud extension.

For enhancing website proofing and reviewing, we have developed a free extension for the Chrome browser. You can read more about it here: Website Proofing or download it from the Chrome website here: Oppolis Cloud Web Proofing Extension.

For managing your Oppolis Cloud projects on the go, you can download the free My Oppolis Cloud Mobile App. Developed for iOS and Android devices, read more about it here: Creative Workflows on the go and follow the links in that post to download the app for your appropriate device.

Oppolis Cloud, the creative workflow solution used by creative teams.

Upload Microsoft Office documents to Oppolis Cloud projects

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